Where to start?……

13 Dec

This is my very first blog post. Ever.  I really hope that it won’t be my last.

We’ll see.

So, where does one start with this?  Am I supposed to put my bio in a special bio section?  Perhaps it would have helped if I had read the rules/instructions first, but where’s the fun in that?

I like writing about food.  It’s what I have just started doing for a living.  First spread been approved by the editor and once it is published I promise to link it here, if you are interested.

All about food and producers in Suffolk, where I live.  No, it is not all flat and dull and arable, actually.  It is undulating and beautiful and mostly arable with a few Suffolk sheep thrown in (the clue is in the name; and Suffolk Punch Horses; and Red Poll Cows (no clue in their name)  These three beasts make up the Suffolk Trinity.

My first article is about potatoes though.  There are a lot of potatoes in Suffolk too, including some unusual and tasty ones you can’t get outside of Suffolk. I don’t think they are the reason that everyone seems to be moving out of London and into Suffolk, but could be a contributing factor? (OK, not realistic – there are LOADS of reasons why people move out of London in favour of Suffolk; house prices, space; quality of life and only 90 minutes sitting down on the train, working and reading rather than squished in someone’s armpit on the tube.)

More of that another time.

Mrs Jones


One Response to “Where to start?……”

  1. Penny Dawe January 18, 2012 at 9:57 am #

    You are now bookmarked Mrs Jones

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