Who the hell is Tiffany Jones?

17 Mar

Wierd title perhaps?

While my maiden name was Clark, I was actually named after a cartoon character.  Really.

My father said that she was a feisty, attractive career girl.  Perhaps he got his wired a little crossed because, having tracked down the actual cartoon, it appears to me that she was just a feisty and attractive girl.  Not much mention of any career.  Ho hum – not such a great namesake then, although feisty might suit me?

I have tried to get hold of a copy of the original artwork from the Daily Sketch as it would make a great pic for the loo, but there is virtually nothing left, sadly.  I have managed to download a pic from t’interweb though:

Anyway.  Nobody in my lifetime ever has put two and two together when meeting for the first time and said “like the cartoon” until yesterday.  Yesterday I went to a business networking event, something called The Very Early Lunch Club, and 3, yes THREE, businessmen, all in their late 40’s said exactly that!

So, if you know Pat Tourret and Jenny Butterworth, tell them that Tiffany Jones actually exists, and ask for some original artwork for me to hang in the loo, won’t you?



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