Yummy London Burger Heaven

11 Oct

One of the great advantages of working in London is the food. My home county of Suffolk has some fantastic artisan food, especially closer to the coast, although the restaurants near me can be a little lacking. (If you live in Mid-Suffolk and have any recommendations please, please let me know!)

Suffolk also has no sushi that I know of, except in the vast sushi factory barely a stone’s throw from my house. You can’t buy it there though and so we’re limited to the pathetic offerings of the supermarkets. Or you can make it yourself – but really, who has the time?!

Sometimes it’s just nice to go out and be fed. A great burger can be just what you want, and London has burgers aplenty. Last week was a burger marathon for me, but as they were all good quality meat and extras, why worry?


The first burger was supplied by Grill Shack, (Beak St, Soho) a mere hop and skip from my office in Great Pulteney St. This new joint is a bit self service as you order via an app or go to stations to order. It’s pretty quick though, which is often what you want on a weekday. Good meaty burger (£4.95) in a light bun. The shoestring fries (£1.95) were just what we needed too. It’s not a place to take clients, but reasonably priced and pretty good.

Burger 2 was from Bill’s, at the bottom of Gt Pulteney St, on Brewer St.  It’s a bit noisy in Bill’s but the burger (£9.95) was a meaty beast, with a chunk of gherkin on the side. Filling fayre and low on the grease factor too.

Finally was Byron, the self proclaimed burger maestro. Having had a fair share of the humble burger, I opted for le Smokey (£9.75), a 6oz hamburger with smoked Cheddar, wafer-thin bacon, crispy fried onions and smoked chilli BBQ sauce, plus sliced pickle and shredded iceberg lettuce for contrast and crunch, all in a classic glazed bun. The verdict: OK. I’m glad it’s not a permanent feature. On the plus side – the courgette fries (3.25)  are really good!


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